What about the costs?

One of the most important questions for us students is the cost of attending the conference. Our conference is free of all costs, which means that the accommodation, food, and such things are completely free of charge. The only cost you need to pay is the cost of travel to Osijek and back.
Ukoliko vam je za putovanje u Hrvatsku potrebna viza, pobrinite se da na vrijeme zakažete termin u konzulatu, kako biste vizu dobili prije putovanja.

If you need a Visa for a trip in Croatia, make sure you appoint the date in consulate in time to get visa before your travel to Croatia.

If you need an invitation letter to a conference to get a visa, feel free to contact us on our e-mail isucces.challenge@gmail.com. Members of our organization team will ensure that you receive the letter in a very short time.

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