How to apply?

In order to apply, you should be a student of undergraduate or graduate study of civil engineering and form a team of two people. The first step of the application is to complete and submit the application form in tab APPLICATIONS, and send it to our e-mail An abstract of the scientific paper which you will present on the conference should be included in the application. The paper does not have to be completed, it is enough to specify the main features. After the application period ends, the teams whose applications are accepted should complete and submit the papers to (YY) date, according to the rules listed below. All teams whose applications are accepted will present their papers at the conference, in maximum 10 minutes. The presentation template can be found below the text.

If your application is accepted, you can start thinking about your model. The rules for model building can be found below the text. To build your model more successfully, you can prepare templates, print a model on the large pieces of paper, and prepare materials designed for earthquake isolation such as sponges, and so on. All other materials such as scissors, hot glue, balsa wood and so on will be provided by the ISUCCES organization team, and all teams will have the same materials for model building.

The minimum and maximum dimensions and shape of the floors must be respected and they are clearly indicated in the rules. If there are deviations from these dimensions, the model will be disqualified, which means that that team can continue the competition only in paper presentation category.
If you are not a student of civil engineering, you can also apply if you have a scientific paper related to the civil engineering. Also, just like the other teams, you will participate in model building. All other rules remain the same.

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