7th International Summer Conference of Civil Engineering Students
15 - 21 July, 2019 | Osijek, Croatia

About us - SGFOS association

non-profit organization established in 2014.

SGFOS association is a non-profit organization established in 2014. The main aim of the association was organization and implementation of international summer conference GFOS ISUCCES 2014. The conference was also held in year 2013 under the sponsorship of Faculty of Civil Engineering in Osijek.

Association is supported by the Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Osijek, as well as by the other teaching staff, who contribute to the quality and realisation of the projects of the Association, especially in the realization of the GFOS ISUCCES project, which is the only conference of this type in Croatia.

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Our activities

In addition to the GFOS ISUCCESS conference, the association has also developed a number of new projects, such as “Coffee Science”, “Spaghetti” and many humanitarian actions.

Hoodies of the Faculty of Civil Engineering

The members of the SGFOS Association, in 2016, have designed and created the first series of hoodies of the Faculty of Civil engineering inspired by many other faculties, for easier recognition and promotion of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. More than 150 hoodies have been created so far. Soon we will have a different design of the hoodie, when the Faculty of Civil engineering officialy changes its name.


Charity work

Besides the student-related projects, members of the SGFOS Association are also trying to listen to the needs of the most vulnerable members of our community. For this reason, we often organize humanitarian actions, which have a very large response, both students and employees of the Faculty of Civil engineering, as well as other citizens of the city of Osijek.


Science Coffee

Science Coffee is a project aimed at introducing the students with various scientific activities of Faculty in the field of civil engineering. The guests of the Science Coffee project are teaching assistants and professors of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, and they are introducing the students with various scientific activities of the Faculty, in an relaxing atmosphere followed by a warm cup of coffee.


„Ruđer Bošković“ Award

The „Ruđer Bošković“ award was founded in 2015. With the intent to pay tribute to professors and assistents in whom great effort in everyday work and care about students are recognized. In this way students and members od the SGFOS Association want to thank the employees of the faculty for a great help and support during the study on the Faculty.


Promoting GFOS

The ISUCCES conference attracts many foregin students in a warm hug of the Faculty of Civil Engineering each year. We have had 102 foregin students from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Macedonia, Slovakia, Romania, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Egipt, USA and Croatia in the last 5 years, and we are still counting.


Spaghetti competition

Spaghetti is a competition organized by the SGFOS Associoation, in which all undergraduate students of the Faculty can take part. The aim of this project is to encourage students to think about construction, load transfer and cost-effectiveness of the construction, while contemplating its aestetics.

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Isucces (International Summer Conference of Civil engineering students) is a conference held at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Osijek for several years in a row. The aim of the conference is to gather civil engineering students, to improve their knowledge and skills and gain friendships all around the world.

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Our team

The association counts twenty active members, the majority of them are undergraduate and graduate students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, and last year the students of Architecture and Urbanism also joined in.

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Ivan Leninger


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